Advice and Counsel to CEOs

By definition, CEOs have few people with whom they can consult to help them with Board relations and the many other challenges of work at the top. We provide a unique beadth and depth, combining CEO, Executive and Director experience to assist you. We help CEOs answer tough questions in the following areas:

I. Board Relations & Communications:

  • Are you communicating the right things at the right time in the right way to your Directors?
  • Are you confident that your key executives are clear about your expectations of them and how they communicate with their respective Board Committee Chairs?
  • Are your Directors ever surprised?
  • Are you or your executives ever surprised by the questions Directors ask?
  • How can you best communicate with your Directors in a way that gives them full transparency but doesn’t require your or your staff’s full-time attention?

II. Vision, Values & Culture Change:

  • Do you, regularly and repeatedly, communicate your Vision with your Directors and your Employees?
  • Can every employee in your organization cite your Vision for the company?
  • Is your Vision one that inspires employees in your company to go ‘above and beyond’ to achieve greatness?
  • Are decisions — made at every level in your company — grounded in a set of strong, consistent and enduring core values?
  • Can every employee in your organization cite the company’s core values?
  • Is there something about your culture that needs to shift? Do you know how to get that change?

III. Leadership Transition & Succession Planning:

  • Do you and your Board have a well-documented Succession Plan for your role, and for each of the roles reporting to you?
  • Could that plan be implemented today?
  • Does it include a plan for on boarding the new CEO? Your new direct reports?
  • Do you have a clear, specific and actionable plan for what you need to be doing to prepare potential successor(s)?

IV. Strategic Change:

You need to lead a major change in your organization … perhaps it is an acquisition, a merger, a restructuring, or the creation of a new business… Do you:

  • Have a clear and compelling vision for the change?
  • Have a Change Roadmap with well-defined milestones, measures and checkpoints?
  • Have the right leadership/management in place to execute on the change?
  • Have a communication plan that will garner the support of every constituent group?
  • Know what your obstacles are, and have mitigation plans for each one?

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