Appearance on “Inside America’s Boardrooms”

Appearance on “Inside America’s Boardrooms”

I recently sat down with TK Kerstetter of “Inside America’s Boardrooms” at the NASDAQ for his weekly interview show to discuss the role of the lead director. Having served in that role on four different boards, TK was interested in how the role has has evolved and just what are the principle responsibilities of the lead director.

Since the New York Stock Exchange Listing Requirements of 2002 specifying the independent directors meet periodically in executive session, the role of the lead director emerged to develop into the role it plays today; in brief the honest broker between the board and the CEO and the CEO and the board. Click the video below to watch the episode.

“The Director’s Manual: A Framework for Board Governance” by Peter Browning and William Sparks will be available in February 2016. Click here to learn more and preorder your copy.


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