Board Advisory Services

Our approach is highly specialized, and our solutions are tailored and customized for your organization. Our Board Advisory Services will help Directors answer tough questions in the following areas:

I. Board Governance:

  • Do you have the optimum committee structure?
  • Do you have the right set of skills and experience on each Committee to maximize effectiveness and ensure strong governance?
  • Are your directors receiving the right information at the right time in the right way from the right sources?
  • Are meetings scheduled so as to best meet the mission of the Board?
  • Is the appropriate work happening in your committees and between your committees, with full transparency with the full Board?
  • Do you have a robust, rigorous and systematic process for evaluating the CEO? The Lead Director? The Committees? The Full Board? Each Director?

II. Board Performance & Dynamics:

  • Is the right conversation occurring at the right time, in the right place, with the right people?
  • Is there healthy dialogue, constructive disagreement, full engagement and complete candor among your full Board?
  • How does the Board deal with member Directors who under-perform?
  • Does your Board get more effective and productive as a result of Board Assessments? Do you as the Lead Director get more effective and productive as a result of Lead Director Evaluations?
  • Do all Directors leave board meetings feeling fully informed, appropriately challenged and able to represent your full Board?
  • Are there things left unsaid or issues left unresolved

III. Leadership Transition & Succession Planning:

  • Do you have a short-term (emergency) and a long-term CEO Succession Plan that could be triggered immediately?
  • Is your Succession Plan based on today’s environment, or on the challenges and environment that your next CEO will likely face?
  • Is the Board prepared to act on the Succession Plan?
  • Do you have a short-term and a long-term Lead Director Succession Plan?
  • Do you have a Transition Plan in place and ready to use for CEO Onboarding? New Director Onboarding?

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