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We offer an array of assessment solutions that combine validity with practicality. Our suite of board assessments are online surveys targeted for the following populations: the Board as a whole, Committees, Peer-to-Peer, CEO and Lead Director.

In addition to traditional board assessment methodologies, we offer the Board Culture Profile. The Board Culture Profile assesses the overall personality of the by measuring the emotional dynamics of the group. A recent Conference Board report (February 2014) found that board culture, and the resulting “team dynamic,” was the most important aspect of predicting board performance. Board dynamics refer to the level of collegial candor, conflict management, communication, trust and objective decision making that exist within your board. Our Board Culture Profile accurately measures this crucial aspect of boards and provides practical and effective strategies for developing and enhancing your board’s culture and overall performance.

Benefits and Advantages of our Board Assessment Services:

  • A valid, reliable and practical suite of assessments that can be tailored to meet your needs
  • A comprehensive set of scales and survey questions that draw on the best in class in a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies that includes financial services, manufacturing and retail
  • A third-party hosting service to guarantee objectivity, anonymity and confidentiality
  • A web-based online tool that is user friendly, quick and efficient
  • An application that includes the Board Culture Profile to measure the overall team dynamic and resulting “culture” for your board

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